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Enjoy an unforgettable Pet grooming experience that makes you and your furry friend smile.

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THANK YOU MILTON! We are humbled by your support!

Milton's Best Rated Dog Grooming

We love what we do, we love caring for your pets, and truly they love the attention they get. We groom your pets & treat them like we would ours. That's why Pawz Pet Grooming aims at being the Best Pet grooming salon in Milton.

In just a short while since our opening in November, 2023 we have become your trusted pet groomers and we sincerely thank you for all your support in helping us get this far!

We believe in value and quality service, and our reward is the love we receive from you and your pets. Our passion for pets is inspired from a fun story when Michelle, the owner of our Milton Location who desperately needed her 11 year old Border Collie bathed. After all, Max has been enjoying a fun rainy day on Friday rolling around what was mostly mud and a little bit of grass. Though Max has a black coat, you could see the dirt embedded in the hair. She must have made at least a dozen calls between Mississauga and Cambridge but could not get an appointment for until next week.

We bring you an efficient & affordable way to manage pet grooming when needed in a much underserved community where wait times exceeding 2-4 weeks. Pawz Pet Grooming is here to create convenience for much needed pet mom and dads to get an appointment with the comfort of knowing their loved furry friends will be treated like family by our passionate team of groomers, without breaking the bank!

Affordable, Efficient & Personalized Pet Grooming in Milton

Hassle Free Same Day Appointments


Grooming Perfection

Each pet is unique, so we groom your pet to reflect your taste, expert hair trimming for long and short haired pets and we style to complement the breed.


Dog & Cat Baths

We use hypoallergenic and deep cleansing shampoos and conditioners that give the pet's coats a beautiful shine while caring for and
moisturizing the skin to your liking. After all, its' a professional bath!


Towel Drying & Blow Drying

Our Towels are washed and cleaned regularly with low irritant detergent laundry and blow drying is carefully performed with Negative Ion induced blowers to reduce static and leave your pets coat super soft and silky.


Hygiene & Nail Care

It's just not squeaky clean without a deep cleansing of ears and glands. We also perform a teeth brushing exercise to remove an tinting and leave the pet's breath minty fresh. Pet Nail clipping and grinding are optional and included in our packages at no cost.

Full Range of Pet Grooming & Salon Styling Services

Value Packages for Every Budget

Full Bath, Brush & Cut

Touchup & Trims

Bath, Brush & Drying

Hygiene Package

Dematting & Coat Care

Spoil Me Treatment

Check out our Pawz Dog Grooming Before & After Results

Simple & Transparent Pricing

See your Pet Grooming pricing, we promise it's lower than the big boys and our 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Our Dog & Cat Groomers specialize at grooming! All groomers complete an extensive training on Dog Cuts and Cat Care.

At Pawz, we know pet care and grooming costs can add up. That's why we made sure our pricing is based on an efficiency model.

This means, lower prices, save on packages and get Free maintenance when you become a Perks Member.

Milton's affordable & efficient Pet Grooming Salon offering lots of Scheduling choices without breaking the bank!


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Got Questions? We have answers!

What services do you offer for pet grooming?

Services include Full Shampoo and Conditioning Bath for dogs and cats, blow-outs or warm blow dryer, pet coat and fur brushing, Paw hair trimming, Nail trimming or grinding, ear cleaning, nail clipping, pad trim, sanitary trim, anal glands, teeth brushing.

How often should my pet be groomed?

Most pets need to be groomed every 6-8 weeks. However some dogs and cats may require a bath more frequently to maintain pet hygiene

Are your grooming products pet-friendly?

All products like our Professional Hair coat shampoos and conditioners used at Pet Grooming locations are all high quality and pet-friendly sourced from Canadian suppliers and manufacturers.

Do I need to make an appointment for grooming services?

At Pawz Pet Grooming we offer walk-in services such as paw trim, face trim, nails, anal glands, sanitary trim and bath. For other services we recommend an appointment however we do accept walk-ins depending on availablility.

How long does a typical grooming session take?

Most dog grooming appointments take 60 to 90 minutes however larger breeds like -3hr depending on yours dogs behavior, Fur or coat condition if it's matted or dirty and needs. Some breeds like Alaskan Malamute, Bernese Mountain Dog, Newfoundland dog may take upto 3 hours for a full grooming session.

What if my pet has specific health or behavior issues?

Let us know during check-in and the groomers will do their best to work around any health or behavior issues.

Do you need the pet to be vaccinated before the grooming appointment

we require all pets to be current on their rabies vaccinations and to wait at least 48 hours after any vaccinations before checking in. Proof of rabies vaccination in the form of paperwork is required.

How can I book a Dog's Full Bath, Cut and Nails appointment online, do you offer a discount?

We have an amazing easy to use 24/7 online booking system that uses your cellphone number as an account setup and also tracks your previous appointments. You can choose the pet, breeds and wieght/size of the pet and schedule an appointment of your choice. You will also receive an email confirmation and a text message reminder for the appointment

How far in Advance can I book an appointment?

Booking appointments in advance is highly recommended especially during the weekend and holidays.

What is the cost for the pet grooming appointment? What's Included?

Our service appointments are very affordable and we make it super easy to schedule and pay online or in person. We have a variety of packages to suit every budget and offer deep discounts on multi service options. We also offer ala-carte grooming options that save you lots on quick fixes to let your pet look and feel their best

What is your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

Our 100% Satisfaction guarantee means we're committed to giving you the best bath, wash, cut, and over all grooming experience. So if for any reason you are not satisfied, we promise to fix it to your liking!

What is kennel-drying dogs?

We don't kennel dry our furry friends. Unless your pet has an issue with the dryer we prefer to hand towel or blow dry them to keep them calm and relaxed during the appointment.

Will you crate or kennel my pet during the grooming session?

We prefer to let our guests pets stay off leash in a secured room however if there is a behaviour issue and for the safety of our staff, your and other client pets we may temporarily hold your pet in spacious kennel.

Can pet owners accompany the pet during the grooming session?

Unfortnately, pet owners can be a distraction to their pets and can result in an unsafe or reactive behaviour for our groomers. We ask all our clients return when their pet appointment complete notification is received.

Do you use any sedatives on my pet during the grooming session?

We do not sedate any pets for any reason under any circumstances. We ensure your pets have a safe, healthy and clean environment for their grooming appointment.

What is the groomers' experience or expertise in pet care and pet handling?

All our groomers go through an extensive 6 week on-hands behaviour, grooming, bath and drying training under the supervision of a Master Groomer who is always available for immediate supervision for any junior groomers. Our staff comprises of 15+ years in combined experience in pet grooming and care.

Can I get feedback for my pet's grooming experience?

Absolutely, our end of the pet grooming appointment confirmation will include details on what services we performed, a before and after picture and notes on how your pet enjoyed their visit with us for their grooming services.

Do you offer flea and tick treatments for my dog?

We do not offer flea or tick removal or treatments, for the pet's full recover from this condition we recommend a Vet for specialized services.

Do you offer urgent or quick service appointments?

Yes, We offer quick 20 minutes service packages based on availability and can squeeze in your appointment for our limited service package called Bath and Dash to wash and partially dry your pet, packages starting at $40

What do you look for during my pet’s check in?

Our online booking appointment for your dog grooming session will typically capture all your contact information and your pet name, breed, wieght, size, Vaccination details. If we have everything on file, we don't need any additional information. If you have not uploaded the vaccination status for the pet, please let us know and we will determine if we can accept your pet or collect information directly from the vet.

What happens if my pet is experiencing a medical emergency?

We will notify you immediately and simultaneously transport your pet to the nearest veternarian. Our preferred veternarian office is Dr. Ross A. Dawson 491 Main Street East Milton, Ontario L9T 1R1 TEL: (905) 878-8853. FAX: (905) 878-0364

Is licensed and insured to provide grooming services?

Pawz Pet Grooming is a licensed and registered Pet Grooming salon insured for all services provided under its banner.

Address: 1228 Main St. Milton

Ph: 905-459-9384